Smartphones and texting while driving: the numbers are worrying

Over the past three years, two insurers questioned motorists about their use of phones while driving. The figures show a significant increase in the number of people who claim to use their smartphone while driving.

According to the first insurer, 43% of motorists use their phones while driving. That is an increase of 5% compared to the previous study published in 2016. In detail: 39% of them make and receive calls, while 30% write or read text messages and instant messages. Some 13% read or reply to their emails, and 20% of 18-25 year olds check social networks while driving.

A second insurer focused on the phenomenon and released its figures in the summer of 2019. And the figures are more alarming. 70% of French drivers admitted to using their phones while driving!

46% of motorists use their smartphone to make a call and one in four use it to make a call or send an SMS. Not to mention that 54% of respondents say they have a GPS to guide them. Compared with 30% in the first survey.

According to the Road Safety organisation, phones are involved in at least one accident out of ten. 800 violations of phone use at the wheel, held in the hand but also used via an earpiece (subject to a €135 fine and three points lost from the licence), are recorded every day in France.