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Reduce the number of accidents caused by mobile phone use behind the wheel.

zero deaths
in 2030

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Texting and driving in figures:

25% of drivers send messages while driving.
312 deaths each year, as a result of accidents linked to mobile use while driving.
46% make phone calls while driving.

Have you or one of your loved ones been affected by a collision?

By speaking out and talking about the pain that comes with an accident, you’re already taking action.

Stef and sport

Why is Stef Cares striving to combine sports and sportsmen and -women in its fight to stop telephone use and texting behind the wheel? For many reasons. The association was founded in 2019, following the death of Stefan Poirot-Lazarevic. At the tender age of four, little Stefan was a big football fan and, unlike most, loved to play in goal. He also adored watching basketball games and motor racing.

Many of the association’s members work in sectors linked to high-level sport – every day we see how influential sportsmen and -women can be in terms of communicating prevention messages…especially those who are still too young to drive, smartphone users and tomorrow’s drivers. And yet, the most notable studies show that more than 70% of motorists use their phone while driving and that one in ten accidents are caused by phone use.

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes soccer league and Stef Cares join forces

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Our initiatives

  • 3Dec
    First intervention at the Deborde de Lyon high school
    As part of its first joint action with the regional Road Safety organisation, Stef spoke for the first time in front of pupils

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