From schools to companies, Stef Cares wants to share its experiences and warn as many people as possible about the dangers of texting while driving.

With support from professionals such as the Ecole de conduite française (ECF) and the company Haikara, our association has created workshops for sports training centres. Alongside the Sécurité Routière road safety organisation and its partners, Stef Cares also gives talks in schools and companies, including three recent group webinars organised by ITC Translations.
We have a clear objective: zero deaths caused by texting and driving by 2030. This significant challenge shows our determination to fight this menace, which is increasingly widespread among motorists. By listening to stories and carrying out exercises, we hope to show how dangerous it really is, and how hard it is to do two things well at the same time. Text or drive…we can’t do both.
Stef Cares wants to reach those who use their car every day for both personal and professional reasons. We also want our message to attract the attention of those who are still too young to drive, because they are today’s whistle-blowers and tomorrow’s drivers.

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Everyone always thinks it will never happen to them. All too often, we think that we are safe. Because words are never enough, but your stories are real life.

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Save lives by speaking to as many people as possible, especially the youngest age groups, about a vital problem. Young people are today’s whistle-blowers.

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