From previous presentations to ongoing projects, Stef Cares will post all of its initiatives on the website and on its social media in an effort to remind the public of the dangers of using their phones while driving.

Our ambition to communicate means that you can also find us in local and national media. Presentations will also be published on our channels. We also regularly organise tombolas, where participants can win the shirts of famous athletes. The money raised helps finance our association’s initiatives.

How to support us?

Share your testimonial

Everyone always thinks it will never happen to them. All too often, we think that we are safe. Because words are never enough, but your stories are real life.

Participate in an awareness campaign

Save lives by speaking to as many people as possible, especially the youngest age groups, about a vital problem. Young people are today’s whistle-blowers.

Fund one of our initiatives

See the list of our ongoing activities and choose the one you want to finance.

Make a donation

Help the STEF association in its mission to raise awareness by making a donation or taking part in one of our tombolas to support us in our fight against texting and driving.